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Climate Justice for All - have your say

As COP26 approaches, The Methodist Climate Justice for All Campaign will send a 'call to action'. Have your say on what should be included.

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About this event


This consultation event is hosted by the Methodist Climate Justice for All campaign in partnership with Green Agents of Change (


Climate Justice for All is a youth-led, global campaign that seeks to mobilise the Methodist family on issues of climate justice.


2021 will be a key year in the fight for our planet. From November 1st COP26 (the 26th annual meeting of the United Nation’s Climate Change Conference) will be meeting in Glasgow.


This COP is important because it will feature the first major review since the setting of the COP21 Paris agreement, a binding international agreement to limit global temperature rise.


As part of the CJ4A campaign we want to send a “call to action” from the Methodist Church to the UK Government’s COP Ambassadors. This call to action will focus on two key areas:

• Equipping vulnerable communities on the front lines of climate change with the resources they need to adapt to the changing world.

• Fairness, promoting action that sees the highest emitting countries committing to the most ambitious carbon reduction targets to reach net-zero, and support efforts in other countries to reduce carbon outputs and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Local Methodist churches and groups will be asked to add their names to this call to action but, before we take that step, we want to hear from Methodists from across Britain. What does equipping and fairness look like, both in the UK and in other countries? What are the priorities that should be included?

There are three different dates and times to choose from. Each event will run for 45 minutes and you only need to attend once:

• Wednesday 9th June, 7pm

• Saturday 12th June, 4pm

• Tuesday 13th July, 5pm

If you attend a Methodist Church or group and would like to have your voice heard then please do join us for one of these events, which are open to people of all ages (those under 18 will need a parent to book their ticket and give permission). You’ll find out more about the work of Climate Justice for All and help us to shape the work.


As the psalmist puts it ‘The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it’ (Ps 24) and so we are committed to playing our part in addressing the critical issues of global warming and climate change. 

Under the banner of ‘Caring for the Earth’, a working party of the Circuit Leadership Team is encouraging church councils and individuals to promote ecological awareness within each local church and their wider communities.  Resources to aid reflection and promote action on environmental issues are at Somerset Mendip Circuit Facebook page


Regular updates on progress across the Circuit can also be found both there and in the Circuit magazine (The Stream), published quarterly.

A Rocha's Monthly e-news can be found here

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