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Axbridge Methodist Church

West Street, BS26 2AA

Sunday worship from 11am.


With a dozen or so regulars worshippers  from a wide range of Christian traditions , the church tries to meet once a month to study together and share fellowship.    


Friends from overseas regularly lead worship sessions and  introduce fresh worship songs.


Traditional worship 11.00 a.m. Sundays – followed by a prayer group on the 3rd Sunday of the month..  


Uniformed organisations and The Town council join us to celebrate harvest and many also come to the carol service followed by a tea, during Advent.

A large hall is available underneath the church with a small kitchen area suitable for pre-prepared food.. We have removed some pews at the back of the Church to create a hospitality area. More space has also been made at the front for more creative worship and to allow freedom of movement for those with wheels.  

The church has many well-wishers in the town and through them is able to raise funds for a nominated charity each year. This includes a Christmas coffee morning held in the town hall.

The proceeds from our fundraising events are divided between the church and the charity for the year.  Half of the carol service collection goes to “Action for Children”



The church was built in 1850 at a cost of 500 pounds and is now a Grade II Listed Building. It has a pleasant Gothic style with a fine hall underneath the main building. It is blessed with 10 beautiful stain glass windows. In 1907 and 1908, Sydney Hill JP, Langford House, donated four of them, depicting Jesus with four apostles, and Jesus feeding the five thousand.

The fifth window pictures of an Angel, was placed by J.A. March. The sixth, Jesus as a Good Shepherd with a lamb was donated in memory of Charles Tilley and his wife.

The hall better known as a school room has been used over the years as a small private school, a Sunday School and playgroup.


Minister. Revd M.  Slingo
Church Stewards:  Edith Channon;  Tony Stevenson

Communion Stewards:  Renee Goldsmith
Church Council Secretary: Edith Channon
Worship Leaders: Readers and Intercessors are available

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