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Rode Chapel (Methodist/Baptist)

High Street, Rode, Frome BA11 6PD

Service Times 10.30am & 6.30PM

Ecumenical Evening Prayer: Wednesday at 6 pm

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Rode has had an interesting ecclesiastical History, at one time there being Five Churches, two Anglican establishments, a Primitive Methodist Chapel (now wonderfully re-named The Old Ebenezer on Ticklebelly Lane) a separate Methodist Chapel, and Rode Baptist Chapel. The Parish Church remains open, and following the formation of a Local Ecumenical Partnership between the Methodist and Baptist Fellowships in the late ‘80’s and a loving refurbishment of the Baptist Chapel in 1991, Rode Chapel is now the non-conformist witness in Rode. The second Anglican Church is now a private house, as is the former Methodist Chapel.


We are a small fellowship and offer full membership as Methodist, Baptist or Rode Chapel people. We have no actual Baptist membership at present, although the building remains in Baptist ownership. We have a functioning baptistry inside, and believers’ Baptisms with full immersion have been carried out and we are willing and able to conduct Marriages and Funerals as well as baptisms.


We meet (in normal times) every Sunday at 10.30am for worship usually led by visiting preachers scheduled on our behalf by the Somerset Mendip Circuit. As an ecumenical foundation we are pleased that we have a close cooperative relationship with the Anglican fellowship of Hardington Vale, in which Parish Rode is situated: our building is centrally located in Rode village so the 24 hour annual prayer vigil is held in our Chapel, as is the Remembrance Day Service, the Crib Service on Christmas Eve and also the Meeting Place….a monthly early evening service, music led, comprising practical participatory worship through worship songs following a central theme. This is prepared alternately by Anglican and Methodist leadership for the first Sunday of the month at 6.00pm.


We have a regular Prayer Meeting, Wednesday evenings at 6.00pm for a half hour, which is led alternately by Anglican and Methodist friends.  Outside, we have re-developed a corner of our churchyard to produce a Quiet Garden…a quiet place with planting and seating which has become popular with walkers, visitors and local people who want a quiet place to sit, rest, contemplate and pray. A group of local people have adopted the remainder of the yard as a project in which clearance and new planting have created a wonderful complement to the professionally designed Quiet Garden, which offers easy access to all, including wheelchair users. 

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