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Oakhill Methodist Church

Meeting at All Saints Anglican Church, Oakhill and locally.

Service Times Vary - see below

An open church group that seeks to make provision for quiet reflective Sunday worship. Observing the practice of Lectio Divina using the lectionary readings of the day. Feasting on the word, quietly and intently, listening with the ear of the heart and sharing in our reflections. Joining in prayer and listening to worship songs. Trusting in the spirit of God and God’s people to be supported and nurtured for the week ahead.

We meet at the following times:

1st and 3rd Sunday of the month at 6.30 pm

4th Sunday of the month at 11 am at either All Saints Anglican Church, the Staunton Room (BA3 5AQ) or the home of members.

2nd Sunday Combined service with the Anglican church at 10 am.

5th Sundays are arranged by the core group.

Please contact either Bethan Foister at 01749 841142 or
Claire Laudicina on 01749 671097

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